“The Island – a links course of infinite variety and intrigue”


In the words of Kevin Markham, Editor of DG IRELAND 2019;

This is a links course of infinite variety and intrigue. Every hole is different, yet each one bursts with shape and drama. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the opening run of eight consecutive par fours. They entertain and challenge in equal measure by combining long and short holes with blind shots, big dunes, ridges, hollows and the unexpected – the 5th and 8th most notably. You will be absorbed right from the opening tee shot, driving towards the distant sea and Ireland’s Eye. The back nine are even better as you’re drawn out to the sea for the second time. And this is where you’ll enjoy some of the history of the course, with the 11th named Cricket Field (after Grace, the famous English cricketer) and the 14th tee box being the original foundation for the clubhouse. History, though, should be left till later as The Island tests the very soul of your golfing prowess, while thrilling you step after magical step.


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