Destination Golf Portugal 2024


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On behalf of the team, it is my pleasure to present Destination Golf Portugal 2024, which is our annual guide to showcasing Portugal’s premier courses, in association with Visit Portugal and its regional tourism offices.

Our Portugal guide helps educate the thousands of golfers who travel to Portugal each year about where to play and where to stay. Since our launch in 2010, our guide has established itself as a leading voice of Portuguese golf tourism, reaching over 30 million travelling golfers per year.

From the mainland to the islands, Portugal’s allure in golf tourism lies in its diverse landscapes and top-tier courses. The Algarve region with its rugged cliffs, lakes and golden beaches; Lisbon with its mix of history and golf; or further north to the scenic courses of Porto. There are over ninety golf courses to choose from, with Championship designs by renowned architects who used the natural terrain and coastline to create their works of art.

Portugal’s mild climate allows year-round play, enhancing its appeal. Alongside golf, visitors indulge in rich culture, delicious cuisine, and luxurious accommodations. With excellent infrastructure and hospitality, Portugal caters to golfers of all levels, promising an unforgettable golfing holiday experience.

There are a wide variety of courses to suit all skill levels and available budgets, but it’s our “Editors Choice” recommendations that deserve your best attention for this year.

The beautiful islands of Madeira will play host to the 11th annual World Golf Awards 21-22 November 2024. Madeira, otherwise known as ‘the islands of eternal spring’, has a unique eco-system and is one of the only places in the planet where banana trees grow next to vineyards.

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Enjoy Portugal and enjoy this golf guide.

The Destination Golf Team.